Uh Oh!


«Scene: Some Solar Elementals flee as water balloons are being thrown towards them»

Orc: WOOHOO! Drive 'em back!

«Scene: A bunch of orcs holding squirt guns»

Orc: We got this, boys!
Orc: And girls!

«Scene: An excited Aquella with a squirt gun stands next to the Hero»

Aquella: Wow! Everyone's REALLY getting into the spirit of the Solar Festival this year!
Aquella: They're having so much fun. I've never seen such enthusiasm!

«Scene: Solar Elementals standing around»

Orc: Ha ha! WHEE!
Orc: You're not burning our valley this year!

«Scene: Aquella and the Hero»

Aquella: It's a good thing, too - there's always so much damage to the temple each year.
Aquella: But they're doing such a good job of keeping it all contained!

«Scene: the Solar Elemental all are standing in a line and looking angry»

Orc: Uh oh.

«Scene: Aquella and the Hero»

Aquella: …do they look a little angry to you?

«Scene: the Solar Elementals all combine to form the Solar Flare Dragon»

Orc: Guys!? Maybe we should back off a little!

«Scene: Aquella and the Hero»

Hero: Did… did you know it could do this?

Aquella: No!
Aquella: I guess they got a little TOO enthusiastic!

«Scene: the Solar Flare Dragon starts setting the valley on fire»

«Scene: Aquella and the Hero standing with a bunch of Orcs behind them»

Aquella: No! NOT THE TEMPLE!

«Scene: the dragon continues setting things on fire»

«Scene: Aquella, the Hero, and the Orcs»

Aquella: We have to do something!

Hero: Well, don't just stand there!
Hero: Help me stop this thing!!

«Scene fades»

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