Uh, Behind You



«Scene: Hero fights the Twig animatronic»


«Hero looks at the hole in the wall, confused»

«Hero looks in the hole and sees Zorbak and Sally hiding behind some monitors»

Hero: Zorbak? Sally?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Twig, Cysero, Hero, Lim, Zorbak, and Sally stand in the control room»

Zorbak: Sorry, we thought you were a monster.

Sally: Is she gone? Did you get rid of her?

Hero: Well, uh…

Sally: No. Of course you didn't.

Lim: Look, we beat up a bt of robots. Nothing came out. We can't isolate the ghost.

Sally: Whatever. It's fine. I should have known I'd have to handle this myself.

Lim: If you could "handle it yourself", then why were you hiding in here?

Sally: Alright, so maybe I can't.
Sally: But if we combine my magic with your science… I bet we could.

Cysero: It sounds a lot quieter out there now. Maybe it's already gone.

Hero: Ugh, we can only hope.

«Twig points at the hole in the wall»

Twig: Uhh, <Hero>?

«Baby Doll appears in the hole»


«Scene fades»

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