Ubear! (Cutscene)


«Scene: Cysero, the Hero, and a crowd of people gathered around the Ubear»

Cysero: Welcome, everyone! I’m happy to introduce Lore’s new public transport system… Ubear!
Cysero: With Ubear, you can take yourself across Lore in mere minutes. Let Ubear do the work while YOU go afk and heat up some more pizza rolls!

Hero: While we… do what?

Cysero: Your Ubear token is available to purchase now - for a one-time payment of 1000 gold, plus a monthly fee.

Hero: A monthly fee? Ugh.

Cysero: Hey, give me a break! Do you have any idea how much this guy eats?
Cysero: Anyway. Our first demo run is about to start!
Cysero: We’re talking this lil fella all the way across the continent - from Sandsea to Dwarfhold!

Twilly: Right on! I can’t wait to try it out!

Hero: Oh, why not… I’ll give it a go.

Cysero: That’s the spirit!

«Scene fades»

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