Fyreborn TigerMaster
Greetings, Hero! I see the flame inside you burns brightly… but is your fire hot enough to master a Fyreborn Tiger? I have a Tiger in mind for you, if you choose to accept the challenge of his training.
You can unlock the Fyreborn Tiger Mount, Dark Fyreborn Tiger Mount, and all their gear when you purchase select AdventureCoin packages.

Package Details
Dark Fyreborn TigerMaster: 12000 AC Package
Get all 23 items with a 12,000 AC package: 7 items exclusive to the 12k AC package plus every item included inthe other two AC packages.

Fyreborn TigerMaster: 5000 AC Package
Get 13 items with a 5000 AC package

Dark Fyreborn TigerMaster: 12000 AC Package
Get 6 items with a 2000 AC package

Every item in the TigerMaster packages is 0 ACs for free storage!

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TigerMaster Shop
To get all of the gear for 0 ACs, purchase an AdventureCoin package of $10 USD or more, but you can buy select items individually from my shop.

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Location: Battleon


Thanks to kittyDEMON.

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