Twin Terference / Twin-terfernce


«Scene: The Chaos Twins watching Sokrakiis, Khasaanda, and Krellenos mourn for the dead Troll through their mirror on Drakath's platform»

Xing: Aaaah, such sorrow! So sad, for the young one!

Xang: And his brother and sister! They look almost insane with grief.

Xing: That wretched girl looked insane even BEFORE it happened, hehehe!
Xing: They rely on family so much, those Trolls! I wonder if they will ever again be the same.

Xang: Teeheehee! Oh, so rich, how the Chaos Lord has exploited the Trolls -

Xing: Using their familial devotion… against them!

«Screen zooms in to the mirror. The mirror fades away. Screen is now where the Trolls are.»

Khasaanda: Little brother, he never knew what was in store for him!
Khasaanda: The life he could have lived… destroyed!
Khasaanda: He will never learn to hunt, to dance, to sing!

Sokrakiis: I will never teach him the rich History of his people..
Sokrakiis: He will never hear of the noble warriors who sacrificed their lives to keep us safe.
Sokrakiis: Never know of the inventors who made life better for ALL in the Ravine.

«Khasaanda places her hands over her face and starts shaking while crying»

Khasaanda: My heart… it HURTS! I don't know how… *sob*

Sokrakiis: We all hurt, my child. Every Troll shares your loss, your pain.
Sokrakiis: All Trolls will sing of his life and his sacrifice.
Sokrakiis: I promise you, he will NEVER be forgotten.

«Screen fades»

«Scene: The Chaos Twins in front of their mirror again watching Druuz hold the dead Troll»

Xing: Little Troll, corrupted whole.

Xang: Completely used, savage abuse.

Xing: Brought down by those who -

Xang: He didn't know but knew.

Xing: Shouldn't have believed their words of peace!

Xang: And now the war will never cease!

«Druuz holding the dead Troll fades away from the mirror. Swordhaven fades into the mirror. Xang starts laughing.»

Xang: Teeheehee! We should perform on stage!

«Xang stops laughing»

Xing: We could tour Lore spreading songs of Chaos and Chaorruption!
Xing: We'd be famous!

Xang: Silly Xing. We already ARE!
Xang: You can be sure that little King is aware of us. Oh yes!

Xing: Hehehe, and the cocky little Shadow-Queen!
Xing: It would reassure them to know -

Xang: That their minions are doing EXACTLY what they should to stop the Horcs and Trolls -

Xing: From ever making peace!

«Xing and Xang start laughing»

Xing & Xang: Teeheeheehee!

«Xing and Xang stop laughing»

«Cynari and Tibias fade in, in front of Swordhaven on the mirror»

Xing: Litttle do they know that it was OUR whispers -

Xang: Which caused their masters to send them to the Ravine!

Xing: They will try to do Good -

Xang: And Evil -

Xing: To stop the rise of a Chaos Lord.

Xang: But they are too late too late! Teeheeheehee!

Xing: Even now our new best friend sits and watches and waits -

Xang: And plots and plans. The Hero did what they said.

Xing: And the Trolls reacted as anticipated. Heeheehee!

Xang: And now they are ALL worried about that silly Ore!

Xing: Forgetting what is REALLY important! THE CHAOS!

Xang: Foolish Hero. If only they knew what WE do!

Xing: They will find out soon. But perhaps not soon enough for -

«Lightning strikes and Drakath appears in the mirror»

Drakath: Come. Bring the Chosen One. We must all… talk.

«Screen fades»

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