Twin Blade of Nulgath

Location: N/A
Price: N/A

Sellback: 25 Gold 0 AC
Rarity: Unknown Weird Rarity
Base Damage: 27-33
Description: Miltonius Nulgath forged this blade with 2 evil eyes. None can escape the gaze of Miltonius Nulgath! The very power that gives you strength watches your every move.

  • Blade and glow are Color Custom to Accessory Color.
  • Gem is Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • When equipped, this item gives 5% damage boost to all monsters.
  • Previously accessible to Free Players.
  • Required to accept the 'Assisting Drudgen' quest.
  • Also see Unidentified 30 (Platinum Twin Blade).

Thanks to AKJ93 and Lionspride100.

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