Twilly is Trapped!


«Scene: Twilly trapped in a cage with Scourge on the ground»

Twilly: You let Twilly down from here right NOW!

Scourge: I keep telling ya, I can't!

Twilly: Don't you dare fib, Scourge! Twilly knows it's no coincidence that you're here!

Scourge: Of course it's not a coincidence! We both followed the same stupid drones to this cave!

Twilly: But only one of us is in a CAGE.

Scourge: Yeah, cause I'm too careful to let myself get caught!

«Screen pans left to the Hero»

Hero: *cough* *cough*

Twilly & Scourge: <Hero>!

Twilly: Twilly is so glad you're here! That meanie, Scourge, has got me locked in a CAGE!

Scourge: Augh! I do NOT!

Hero: GUYS! Come on!

Twilly: …Fine. We can argue about this later.

Twilly: Right now, Twilly just wants to get DOWN.

«Scene fades»

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