Twilly Cage

City of Angels' Healing Moglin
Hiyas! Welcome to the City of Angels- Twilly Cage's's home, and favorite place in all of Lore… especially now that it has a new name! It's beautiful here, but also full of scary monsters and sinister villains. Have you come to help us? Twilly hopes so - we could use a hero like you! Need help getting started? Just ask Twilly Cage!

Cleric Dawn in Swordhaven can teach you about the in-game commands you can use! Twilly has a quick list of these commands, but she can teach you how to use them.
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Game Commands and Player Emotes Guide

/join roomname
/w player
/r player
/goto player
/ignore player
/unignore player
Join a new room
Report for harassment
Whisper to player
Reply to player
Go to other player
Ignore other player
Unignore other player
Heal after battle


- Visit Dawn

The Masters in Battleon are looking for a few good Adventurers to train. The four Masters teach combat skills for Warriors, Mages, Rogues and Healers. With their help, you will be able to raise your fighting skills to a whole new level! You can find them throughout the town of Battleon - or let Twilly take you there, now!

- Visit Trainers!

Make sure you enhance your items before you use them! Adding an Enhancement to an item will increase its stats and damage. There are lots of types of Enhancements that can make you more powerful, but you should try to pick the BEST enhancements for the type of Class that you are using. The right Enhancement can make all the difference!

- Adventurer Enhancements

What type of Enhancement would you like to use?

Where to Now?
If you're ever unsure what to do, just check your Book of Lore - that's the book icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Visit the Story page to play through Lore's story in order. You can also get to the story map from the button below.

At Level 1
For now, head over to Noobshire - Rolith could use your help with a Horc problem!

- Noobshire

- Story Map

- Twilly's Quests
- Battleon Assorted Shop

Location: Battleon


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