Twilight's Edge Attack


«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

Weaver Queen: My children! We stand on the edge of destiny. The time has come to embrace our future!

«Scene: BattleonTown's Bank»

A future where the riches of the world above us belong TO US!

«Scene: Yulgar's Inn»

Where the prey walk in the open, unguarded.

«Scene: Tower of Magic»

They are slaves and food, waiting to be captured.

«Scene: Artix's Wedding»

All that stands between you, my children, and victory… is a race of soft, WEAK meat-creatures!

«Scene: Xan's Town»

We call them “skin-over-bones” and “minds-in-the-dust” because they are inferior!

«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

The time has come for the ChaosWeaver Nation –YOU- to rise up and take all you deserve!

«Scene: BattleonTown»

The stronger we are, the better equipped you will be when the end begins.

Because WAR is coming, and I will NOT see my children suffer when all falls to Chaos!

«Screen fades to black»

Weeks ago, in the Realm of Chaos…

«Scene: Chaos Realm»

Weaver Queen: If you are SURE there is time for this… diversion, then my ChaosWeavers shall rise.
Weaver Queen: But using them in this way will cost you. And the price will NOT be small.

«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

Weaver Queen: After all have fallen and the dust settles…
Weaver Queen: WE shall remain. WE shall stand strong. And WE shall be VICTORIOUS!

«Screen fades to red»

Weaver Queen: And now… we ATTACK!

«Screen fades to black»

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