Twilight Falls in Ravenloss


«Scene: Twilight's Edge»

Hero: I hate to interrupt happy reunions, but we've got a world full of people suffering the WORST arachnophobia EVER, so –

Riadne: Yes, yes! My energy is restored. We have Tomix's key.

Hero: Then let's ensure the passage from Ravenloss to Lore can NEVER be opened again!
Hero: Well… at least not after WE go down there and exterminate EVERY ChaosWeaver.

«Scene: Twilight's Edge's Portal»

«Scene: Weaver Queen»

Weaver Queen: We've done it, my children! *Hero* - our deadliest enemy and fiercest champion – is ready to return to Ravenloss!
Weaver Queen: He/She won't remember his/her first visit here. He/She never does.
Weaver Queen: But he/she will re-discover much of the knowledge lost to his/her.
Weaver Queen: And one he/she battles his/her way here to confront ME…

«Scene: Weaver Queen smiles»

Weaver Queen: We will finally be able to end the greatest threat to the ChaosWeaver Nation… FOREVER!

«Screen fades»

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