Twiginator (NPC)

Cybernetic Battle Moglin From The Inescapable Future
Come wif me if you want to wiv, hewo. I am a model M-800 Twiginator owiginally designed to destwoy all hewos on sight. I was captured, we-pwogwamed, and sent back in time as a pwotector. I think my speech pwocessor was damaged during the twip. I am onwy here for 24 hours to sell you tech from the future to help you face the cybernetic thweat!

Apwil 21st, 2011 the day that the a vewy powerful super computer became self-aware and waunched a bwutal attak against all humanity. I was sent back in time by the weader of the wesistance to stop the M-1000 Wiquid Metal Mogwin from kiwwing that weader as a young hewo.

- Sky-NET Assault Shop

Location: Battleon
Note: This NPC is a parody of The Terminator.


Thanks to Na Tra.

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