Twiggu (NPC)


Lost Fourth Newborn
Yawns* Hewwo? Twiggu woke up fwom a scawy nightmare! Mean Temple Sowdiers twignapped Twiggu! Luckily, a fourth spiwit appeawed and helped Twiggu wun! Uh oh! Looks like it wasn't just a dweam! Aw, the nice spiwit can't leave. But Twiggu could hitch a wide on your back! The Fourth Spiwit Lynawia wants to test your abilities before she lets you leave, to make sure Twiggu will be safe with you.

Fourth Spirit
A Fourth wielder can linger as a spiwit if they master the Fourth, the Light, and being a nice and good person! Sewflessness and sacwifice is a part of it, Twiggu thinks? They watch over and help guide other Fourth Wielders that fight for justice and good! Fifth Order folks can't become Spiwits, phew! Just thinking about scawy ghosts makes Twiggu shiver.

The Fourth Spiwit that helped Twiggu has to the be the Queen he's seen big statues of evewywhere! People pile pwetty flowers by the statues all the time! Queen Lynawia was a powerful Fourth Wielder, protector of the innocent, and fought for justice with her fwiends! Wah, one of them became Fifth Lord Sepulchure. Maybe the Queen's Spirit is twying to help him.

Oopsie! Twiggu isn't supposed to speak. Bigger whoopsie, this must be why the Temple Sowdiers found Twiggu so easily. Sowwy, Twiggu just get so excited that Twiggu forgets to clam up, even when Twiggu gets kicked. Hmm, the Fourth Spiwit said I could use the Fourth to pwotect myself, but Twiggu gets distracted by fwish too much to pwactice.

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Location: Murder Moon
Note: This NPC is a parody of Grogu from Star Wars.


Thanks to Amduscia.

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