Twiggu (Monster)


Location: Twiggu Hunt
Level: 40
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 120,000
AI: Aggressive when player attacks Twiggu's Bodyguard first.

  • Pram Spin: 502-614

Temporary Items Dropped:

  • Broken Droid Part x1-50 (Dropped during the 'Shut It Down' quest)
  • Fugitive Captured (Dropped during the 'Bring Them In' quest)

Items Dropped:


  • Damage afflicted to Twiggu is reduced to 0 unless Twiggu's Bodyguards are defeated.
  • Applies Fateful Duel to the player if the Deep Rage aura from Darkside or Dark Lord is active on them, increasing outgoing damage by 100%, defense by 80%, Haste by 50%, Hit Chance by 2500%, Crit Chance by 100%, END by 400%, and a 100% reduction to mana costs by 100% for 10 seconds.
  • Cannot be stunned.

Base Stats:

  • 50% Dodge Chance



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