Twig & Voltaire



«Scene: George Lowe standing by the Fireplace in Ranger Lowe Camp»

Nightmare on Twig's Street - The Dweam Swayers

George Lowe: You campers are probably going to have trouble sleeping after these… SUPER… SCARY …STORIES. This reminds me George Lowe of a time when another little friend was getting pwn-zoned by Mr. Sandman. It wasn't that long ago….
George Lowe: Why, It seems like only yesterday that this segue began into another portion of the script. Which hopefully they've transitioned to by now…under harp music and echo…zzzzzz…

«Scene: George Lowe standing next to Twig who is lying in bed»

George Lowe: Well, hi there, little buddy. What's your problem?

Twig: I'm having nightmares! Really scawwy ones!

George Lowe: No… I mean what's your problem. What the heck are you? Some sort of mutant bunny fabric softener commercial mascot?

Twig: I'm a moglin….

«Close up on George Lowe»

George Lowe: Whatever that is.

Twig: I can't sweep…. Bad dweams!

George Lowe: Well, that sucks kid. Good luck.

Twig: WAIT! Pwease don't go…. I weelly need your help getting to sweep!

George Lowe: Have you tried fixing yourself a midnight snack? Maybe some week old pizza… with gelatin, ham, fudge-pops, and bacon… and not that normal ol' every day bacon either, friends.
George Lowe: We need some special Cysero brand left-sock-bacon. Mmmmm Hmmm! You can taste that sweaty cotton goodness in every bite.

Twig: …and fish and ice kweme too?

George Lowe: You have issues kid. We better bring in a professional.

Twig: Huh?

«George Lowe snaps his fingers and Voltaire appears next to Twig and George»

Voltaire: Hi! I'm Voltaire.

«Deady falls down next to Twig»

Voltaire: …and this is my evil extraterrestrial friend Deady!

«Twig looks at Deady and starts screaming»

Twig: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Voltaire: When my son was little he had trouble going to sleep too. So, I wrote him this special song. This will help you get some much needed rest.

Twig: Wowie! Thanks Voltaire! But, how can you be sure it will help me get some sweep?

«Deady smacks Twig's head with a baseball bat»
«Hero runs to Voltaire from off-screen»

Voltaire: … alright hero, I am going to play my song. You hop into his dream and take care of whatever is giving him nightmares.

Hero: You want me to go INTO Twig's dream?

Voltaire: No, I want you to burp the alphabet backwards. Yes, I want you to hop into his dream!

Hero: What do you think Twig's dreams are like?

George Lowe: Double rainbows… all the way.

Hero: What?

«Deady smacks Hero's head and Hero appears in Twig's Nightmare»

Twig: Wowie! You are in my dweam! Help me with my nightmares by finding your way to the fridge! Twig is sooooo hungwy!

«Scene fades»

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