Turn This Ship Around


«Scene: Drakath and the Hero watching a ship arise from underwater»

Hero: They're still coming after us!

«Scene: Close up on Drakath and the Hero in a ship»

Drakath: Are they so hungry for more already?
Drakath: Teja! Turn this ship around! We're finishing this NOW!

«Scene: Close up on Teja yelling»

Teja: Brace and prepare to gybe!

Drakath: My amulet is on that ship, <Hero>. It has to be.
Drakath: How kind of Laguna to give me another chance to retrieve it.

«Scene: A harpoon flying»

«Scene: Close up on Teja wheeling the ship»

Teja: Everyone aboard! Slaughter every last one o' them!

«Scene: Teja turns the wheel left»

«Scene fades»

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