Turn Around


«Scene: Hero faces off against Grandmother Hasu»

Hero: Please! Why are you fighting us?
Hero: We don't want to hurt you! We want the same thing you do - to protect the nexus!

«The Hero attacks Grandmothe Hasu, who dodges and counter-attacks»

Grandmother Hasu: You are not seeing clearly.
Grandmother Hasu: Turn around. Look past your blinders and see what Mahou has brought with him.

<Scene fades»

«Scene: Mahou with Malgor's soldiers behind him»

Hero: I… I got here too late…
Hero: Mahou! How could you do this??

Mahou: What choice did I have?
Mahou: Endless fighting… endless death.
Mahou: If I can help break this cycle, then I must!

«Grandmother Hasu powers up»

Grandmother Hasu: And so must l.
Grandmother Hasu: I will not let you… nngh.. destroy this world, too.

«Mahou and the Hero are sucked into a portal to the spirit nexus»

«Scene fades»

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