«Scene: Bingwen in front of the throne room doors with the Hero and the Akiba NPCs gathered around»

Bingwen: Hey, Akiba! It's great to be here! Who's ready for some tight beats?

Nekomimi: Tight… bagpipe beats?

Bingwen: Yeah, man! You guys are gonna LOVE this. Here we go!

«Bingwen starts playing the bagpipes»

Obasaan: Say, this isn't half bad!

«Rats appear next to Bingwen»

Ai no Miko: Well, it's certainly drawing the rats.

«More rats crowd around Bingwen»

Mitsu Bishi: Maybe too many of them.

«Even more rats appear»

Ai no Miko: Bingwen, stop! STOP!

«Bingwen disappears under a pile of rats»

♪ Fweee?

Ai no Miko: Sigh.

Hero: At least it can't get any worse, right?

«The screen shakes»

Nekomimi: What is that?!

«A giant rat (Hinezumi) appears in the center of the screen»

Ai no Miko: You just HAD to say it, didn't you?

Hinezumi: The Year of the Rat has come!
Hinezumi: Join me in the palace, my brothers and sisters! Akiba belongs to US now!

«Scene fades»

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