Tropos' Quests

Quest Location: High Command
Quests Begun From: Tropos
Note: Those quests can only be completed once.

Requirements: Must have completed the 'Don't Get Caught Weak in the Knees' quest.

I've scouted the High Command, and it looks like the Pirates' bombs have made large gaps in the path. You'll need to break boxes for a set of nails and gather boards to get material to bridge the gaps if we're going to get the Commanders! And take out the squad of the 10 Skypirates in your way!

Items Required:

  • SkyPirate Slain x10
  • Set of Nails x1
  • Bridge Constructed x4
    • Pick one by one the boards located at Screen 3 to use them on blue arrows around the map.


  • 1,900 Gold
  • 1,900 Exp
  • 1,900 Rep : Skyguard

Thanks to Tendou no Mazo.

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