SkyGuard Recruit
Hero, we've got no time to spare! I am the loyal to the SkyGuard, you know I am. But I NEED to go help my Stratos, so hurry! Looks like the Pirates have overrun the base; you'll need to make your way to the Control Room. The Pirate bombs have blasted the path, so you'll need to build bridges over the gaps. I'm sure you can find boards and nails close by… I hope.

You would think the High Commanders would make SURE the base is secure since they're keeping the secret weap - oh, you probably shouldn't know about that. Well, I'm sure the General will tell you if you need to know. I am not supposed to know, either, so… Don't say anything, alright?

- Tropos' Quests
- Skyguard Base

Location: High Command


Thanks to Tendou no Mazo.

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