Head of Lore's Conservators, Museum Curator
Greetings hero, I'm Trissa. Are you in search of the treasures that Lore has to offer? If so, then may I interest you in joining Lore's Conservators?

Lore's Conservators seek relics, artifacts, and of course, treasures for the purpose of ensuring that Lore's history is researched and preserved. We employ members to find what we're looking for, and anyone who does is rewarded greatly.

During your travels you may run into some of our members or divisions that are in search of treasure. Assisting them isn't mandatory but if you do choose to help them out, I'm sure they'll pay it forward.

Your Uniform?
This is the official uniform of Lore's Conservators, modelled after our late founder's gear. If you want to earn one for yourself then you'll have to prove you're capable treasure hunter. Luckily for you, our museum is due for an expansion so if you're interested, I have a few lists that need filling.

- Trissa's Quests
- Trissa's Shop

After completing the 'Awe-scention' quest:

Head of Lore's Conservators, Museum Curator
Today's a day I never thought would come. We now officially have nothing else to search for! I don't believe this day will last long however, as there will always be more treasure to discover in the future, and when that time

- Trissa's Shop

Location: Museum
Note: Also see Lore's Conservator.


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