Before getting the Shop badge:

- First Weapon

After getting the Shop badge:

Shop Trainer
Ah, I knew you'd be by! Every hero needs the right gear for the job.
Once you leave the Keep, you'll find dozens of shops around the world selling weapons, pets, armors, helms… whatever you need, there's a shopkeeper selling it! Give them gold, and they'll give you whatever you need! If you want to equip an item after you buy it, click the inventory button on the bottom right, click the item, and then equip it!

Need More Help?
Once you open a shop, you can sort the items by using the tabs at the top.

After you purchase items, find them in your inventory (the bag on the bottom far-right of your game interface).

Inventory items can be bought or sold in any shop.

- First Weapon
- Watch Video Example

Location: Oaklore

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