Triple Threat


«Hero and Charon in Charon's ship»

Hero: Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

Charon: The temperature in the Underworld is anything but chilly.

«The ship continues travelling»

Charon: We have now entered the Great Marsssh of Ssstyx.
Charon: The Sssouls in thessse murky watersss are being punissshed. For an eternity.
Charon: Sssullen Sssouls are forced to down while the Wrathful Sssouls fight each other forever.

Hero: There aren't any more islands here, right?

Charon: No. Not at all.

Hero: Good! I as getting tired of fighting those Souls-

«The ship crashes again and the Hero flies off»

Hero: *(Muffled rage)*
Hero:* I thought you said…!

Charon: How hossspitable. The Hydra hasss come to say hello.

«Hydra with Hero in the background»

Hero: The WHAT?!?

«Scene fades»

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