Trip to a Very Hot Place


«Hero talking to Cysero and Warlic at Cysero's Forge»

Hero: But…my soul is pretty cozy and safe inside my body. Sending it to the Sun won't…burn it?

Warlic: No, no. Outside your body, your soul can't be affected by anything physical.
Warlic: Cold, heat, even an avalanche would pass right through you.
Warlic: And while your soul is away, we'll keep your body safe.

Cysero: And when you come back, it might even smell better =D

Hero: …I would rather not…

Warlic: Alright now! The gateway is open, and you have a clear path to the Sun.
Warlic: Please be careful, and no matter what is causing all this trouble…
Warlic: Make sure you contact me before engaging in any sort of battle.
Warlic: Once the way is clear, you must deposit all the magical energy we've gathered in a crater.
Warlic: It will spread down into the sun's core, re-energizing it, and restoring the sun to its former strength.

Hero: But… how will I contact you?

Cysero: Oh, allow me.

«Cysero pinches Hero»

Hero: OUCH! Haven't you done enough to me today?

Cysero: Chill out, my soon-to-be-sunburned compadre. I just implated a link from your spirit to Warlic's.
Cysero: You'll be able to communicate with Warlic no matter how far away you are.

Hero: Well… thanks… I think. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get a tan!… I mean, save the sun!

«Hero steps through portal, Cysero dances»

Cysero: If you find something cool, bring it back for meeeeeee!

Warlic: There's nothing COOL on the SUN, Cysero!

Cysero: Solar flares are very cool.

Warlic: … If you like electromagnetic disturbances.

«Cysero gives a thumbs up»

«Scene fades»

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