Trickster's Mask



«Scene: Diego, Guru of Dance and Batista on Screen 8 of Dance Guru»

Diego: We found it! The Guru's mask… the mask that will make me DANCE!
Diego: With this, I'll be the King of Carnaval! Here goes nothing…

Batista: Hey, you're no Guru of Dance!
Batista: You're Saci-pererê, the trickster!

Saci-pererê: Hey, man, he said he wanted to dance!
Saci-pererê: So I made him… a boogey-man! Ha ha ha!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Diego turns into Bicho Papao»

Bicho Papao: RHWAAAAAR!

Batista: Well, we'd better knock the "boogey" out of him before he ruins the festivities!

«Scene fades»

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