Treasure Beyond Measure


«Scene: Hero with Kraken defeated, and Voltaire, Candy Claws and Deady in the sunken ship»

Voltaire: What's kraken, hero?

Hero: I…have… brought you… the legendary Kraken…

Voltaire: Great!

«Voltaire holds a piece of Kraken flesh»

«!?!? appears over the Hero's head»

Hero: All you needed was ONE piece?!

Deady: Great show.

«Hero facepalms»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: a journal with writing on the left and a picture on the right»

Voltaire: Back on course! And look! Mystery Island is over the horizon! Full speed ahead!

«Scene fades»

«Change scene to Hero, Voltaire, Deady and Candy Claws on Voltaire's ship, journeying towards Mystery Island»

Voltaire: Hey, what happened to our tunes…?
Voltaire: Oooh nooo… the music's getting louder… and where did those <insert musical instrument here> come from…? Something bad is going to happen!

«Von Poach's ship nears Voltaire's»

«Change sccene, Mystery Island in the distance»

Hero: We've got a head start! We can beat the Vampirates to Mystery Island!

Voltaire: Then why are we still in this Cutscene? Let's GO!

«Voltaire and his crew arrive at the Mystery Island»

Voltaire: Here, take the Treasure Map and find the Buried Treasure. Deady, Hargoyle, and myself will try to slow the Vampirates down.

«Black screen»

Hero: OW!!!!

«Scene fades»

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