Treachery's Approach


«Scene: Virgil and Hero standing on Screen 16»

Virgil: I sense the Beast's presence just up ahead.

«Hero takes battle stance»

Hero: I'm ready!

Virgil: Wait, that's not possible.
Virgil: It's moving! It shouldn't be able to move. It should still be trapped.

«Virgil and Hero start walking towards Screen 17 and Treachery appears right before them»

Hero: Wait, *that's* the Beast?!
Hero: I mean, sure it looks tough, but not world ending!

Virgil: It's true, this creature is giving out the energy of the Beast, but be careful, Hero.
Virgil: Something doesn't feel right about this.

Hero: Alright, Beast! Let's see what you're made of!

«Hero jumps and attacks Treachery»

«Scene fades»

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