Lunaris Sentinel
Hello, traveler. I represent the Lunaris Sentinels here in the fight to reclaim Chiral Valley from Chaos. The Lunaris live in the dark, we respect secrecy and we understand the necessity of lies so we stand with Evil in this alliance. Our true goal, however, is to secure the LUNA and finally end this battle against our solar counterparts. Would you walk the dark path of the Lunaris Sentinels?

Near Escherion's inverted tower you will see the dead husk of the great city that we once shared with the Solaris. It was a struggle for power over control of the Sold and Luna Artifacts that destroyed it. If we possess these artifacts it would allow the Lunaris to control the sun and moon themselves and stop the Solaris from graining the power to bathe the wold in eternal light for all time leaving the gentle night a distant memory.

- Travon's Quests
- Lunaris Shop

After completing Zuthier's Quests (Lunaris):

Lunaris Sentinel
It appears that the Luna will not be won this day. We thought that the Chaos magic would weaken the spells hiding the artifacts but the veil of Chaos Magic itself was simply too strong to perice. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. You are not allowed to purchase any item that we normally reserve for the Lunaris Sentinels.

- Lunaris Shop

Location: Mobius


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