«Scene: Vath's Keep»

Hero: Dragonlord Vath… You’re finished.

«Hero pulls Vath's cape»

«Hero finds out it's just a dummy»

Hero: ?!

«Cage drops over hero, trapping him/her»

Vath: Did you really think that it would be that easy? I have known for weeks that you would be coming for me.

Hero: Drakath warned you?

Vath: Yes and no. Drakath warned me that a powerful hero might come to stop me from summoning the great chaos beast…
Vath: … the Rock Roc!

Hero: … Rock Roc?

Vath: … But as for who warned me that YOU were coming… Didn’t you know? Are you really that naïve?

«Jorxlol appears»

Hero: I should have never…

Jorxlol: Master, I have brought the traitor, as you have commanded.

«Snowbeard appears»

Hero: Snowbeard… but your people are enslaved. Why would you do this?

Vath: For the same reasons that his kind do everything, hero.

«Vath drops a bag of gold»

Snowbeard: Ah, my GOLD! Thank you great Chaos Dragonlord Vath. I am your humble servant.

Vath: Of course you are. You dwarves are such simple creatures. The flash of gold is all it takes to buy your loyalty. As for you, hero…
Vath: You have earned the same fate as the traitor’s pathetic race. Remove this pest’s weapons and items!
Vath: Enjoy the rest of your life in chains! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

«Scene: Dwarfhold Prison»

Hero: Great. Stuck in an underground prison for the rest of my life. Who’s going to feed my cat?

Jorxlol: Sorry that I could not help you… I know that you feel betrayed, but Vath isn’t as smart as he would like to thing.
Jorxlol: You’re going to need these if you’re going to help the dwarves escape.

«Jorxlol tosses a bag at you»

Hero: My items!

Jorxlol: Look for a dwarf named Mick Guyver. Try not to get yourself killed in there.

«Scene fades»

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