Transformed by War


«Scene: the Hero, Miko, and her soldiers stand in the forest of Heiwa Valley»

Empowered by the Shinrin Do, Ai no Miko gathered her allies and headed east toward Jaaku's fortress.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Miko and the Hero look out upon the valley»

In order to confront the Shogun, they would have to pass through Heiwa Valley.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Skeletons lie on the ground and evil spirits wander the valley»

Once peaceful and serene, it had been transformed by the war.
Jaaku's army had laid waste to the land and to its people.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Miko, the Hero, and Miko's soldiers»

Ai no Miko: Oh, no.

«Miko nods»

Ai no Miko: Jaaku brings pain and death to everything he touches. He must be stopped.

«Scene: Koro and his villagers»

Koro: Stop! Don't come any closer!
Koro: Our village has had enough trouble. We're not looking for any more!

Hero: And we don't want to cause any!

Ai no Miko: Please, you have to let us pass!

Koro: We have to do no such thing.
Koro: We already have one army decimating our village. We do not need another!

Hero: That's not what we want! We're not here to hurt you.

Ai no Miko: We do not want to conquer you, but to liberate you.
Ai no Miko: We wounded Jaaku's dragon, Orochi, and forced him to retreat.
Ai no Miko: But the dragon will heal, and when he does, Jaaku will come for us.
Ai no Miko: If we strike now, we have a chance to stop them both - for good.
Ai no Miko: Let us through, and we will slay the dragon, defeat the shogun, and free your village.

Koro: If you truly think you can do this…
Koro: If you can remove him from power and put an end to this suffering…
Koro: If you can do that, then you will have our support. We will fight by your side.
Koro: But first, we need your help.

«Scene fades»

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