Shadowscythe General Trainer
Mortal, consider joining the Shadowscythe’s great cause. I will not promise you fame nor fortunes but I will promise you power and domination over any obstacle in your path. Swear your allegiance with Empress Gravely and be shown what true titanic power looks like.

What is a Shadowscythe General?
Once dead corpses lay rotting within large battlefields, by the power of Noxus, these souls have been reborn as Undead Generals. Paladins, LightCasters and even the HighLords will tremble and worry when your presence is known on the battlefield.

How to get?
To become a Shadowscythe General, you must obtain and retrieve 100 Shadow Shields taken by Sigrid Sunshield at the /lightguardwar and trade them in with Gravely at /Shadowfall or you may purchase it inside the Class Shop with Adventure Coins.

- Lightguardwar
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky, Hybrid
The commanders of Empress Gravelyn’s army are feared for their endurance and ability to handle far more foes than ordinary. Their natural, or rather, unnatural, undead resistant to damage is leveraged instead of mana. By sacrificing some of this resistance, they are able to strike at six targets at once, block many forms of healing, and reduce their accuracy and ability to dodge.

Location: Class Hall C


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