Tournaments of Heroes


«Hero, Ash Dragonblade, Admiral Vermillion, Luminitos, Stealthy Cupcake in the arena as the Battle Master announces the winner»

Battle Master: After a rousing SEVENTEEN rounds of combat, we stand here ready to honour our Champions!
Battle Master: In all my years, I've never seen a finer display of martial arts, and in such quick succession!

Luminitos: I am honored to have battled alongside such valorous opponents!

Admiral Vermillion: Like any good captain knows her crew, I recognize the skill, speed, and strength of everyone here today.

Stealthy Cupcake: And as president of Battleon, I want you all to know - you will always have free room and board at Yulgar's Inn… FOREVER!

Ash Dragonblade: I just can't believe I'm standing here, now, with all of you!
Ash Dragonblade: That's honor enough!

Hero: You did an amazing job today, Ash. Everyone did.

Battle Master: Well, then… While we wait for the final votes to come in, let's review the battle highlights!

«A sequence of the Hero battling other heroes runs»


«Ash goes to fight a group of heroes but stops in his tracks and almost gets hit by his own sword»

Ash Dragonblade: *groan* I-I can't believe I DID that!
Ash Dragonblade: I was sure I'd picked up Yokai Steel's tumble and roll technique.

Battle Master: Your moves aren't quite as sharp as your sword point… yet.

Hero: But that's a good thing! Don't worry about how much you've got left to go.
Hero: Today's a day to celebrate how far you've come!
Hero: And with heroes like the ones here today to learn from…
Hero: You'll earn a spot in the Hall of Heroes in no time!

Battle Master: Wisely said, <Hero>.
Battle Master: Whether Good, Evil, or Chaotic, all of you are examples of what it truly means to be a Champion!
Battle Master: You've all earned your place in the Hall of Victors and I know that…
Battle Master: Your most exciting adventures are yet to come!

«The Hall of Victors is seen, with a silhoutted Ash looking at Hero's portray»

Ash Dragonblade: Some day, <Hero>, I'll be a Hero as great as you!

«Scene fades»

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