«Scene: At Tournament»

Ash: Hero, hi!
Aria: Are you here to catch Pockey Mogs, too?
Hero: Wait a minute… "too"?
Hero: You mean… this is something other people know about?
Ash: Oh, yeah! Ever since all these mutated moglins started appearing everywhere…
Ash: …everyone's been trying to collect as many as they can!
Aria: It's really been bringing people together.
Aria: Even the trolls and horcs have set their differences aside!
Hero: Wow. Really!
Ash: Yep. A horc and a troll bonded together over their shared love of Pockey Mogs…
Ash: And created the famous Team Wreckit!
Aria: And now they're holding Lore's first Pockey Mog tournament, RIGHT HERE!
Hero: What does that even involve?
Ash: I dunno. But I like Pockey Mogs!
Aria: Come on, let,s go check it out!

«Scene: scene fades Sign up for Lore's biggest Pockey Mogs battle!»

Evil Team: Team Honor FTW!
Chaos: No way! Team Supremacy is the best!
Hero: Where can I sign up to fight?
Pokey Mog Trainer: Can I join Team Wreckit?
Aria: What? I… don't understand.
Aria: They're… FIGHTING them?
Aria: We have to stop this! PECO would NOT approve!
Hero: PECO?
Ash: You know… People for the Ethical Capture of pOckeymogs!
Hero: How does that already exist?!
Ash: Hero… you are SO out of touch.
Aria: It looks like you have to sign up to be in the tournament.
Aria: And then whoever wins each match gets to keep both Pockey Mogs.
Aria: So, we COULD save them all, but we'd have to fight them first.
Aria: Hmm. I have an idea.

«Scene: scene fades to black»

Hero: Oh, no.
Aria: *giggle*
Aria: No, no, no.
Ash: Almost done!

«Scene: Hero with Pukasnooze Suit»

Aria: Ta-da!
Hero: This is never going to work.
Ash: Sure it will! You lock great!
Aria: Now all we have to do is enter the tournament as…
Ash: Ash!
Aria: Aria!
Aria and Ash: And our adorable Pockey Mog, Pukasnooze!
Hero: Sigh.
Hero: Alright, so all I have to do is win every battle…
Hero: (Without actually hurting any of the Pockey Mogs…)
Aria: and then we'll be able to take them ALL back to my pet shop!
Hero: Well… here goes nothing!

«Scene fades»

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