Tough Choice



«Hero watches as Jagger is with the defeated Nastasia»

Jagger: Nastasia, you CAN'T be really-truly-forever dead.
Jagger: It's Hero's Heart Day… and YOU have MY heart!
Jagger: There's got to be SOMETHING you can do with your magic.
Jagger: Even if it's your magic is… different now.

Nastasia: J-Jagger?

Jagger: NASTASIA!!!

Hero: You know, it IS Hero's Heart Day, but it's also Friday the 13th.
Hero: It seems to me both necromancy and the magic of love would be stronger now.
Hero: If she's got enough power left -

Nastasia: To… spend eternity… with you, Jagger? I have all the power I need.

«Nastasia casts a spell and both her and Jagger disappear»

Hero: It will be over a decade before Hero's Heart Day and Friday the 13th coincide again…
Hero: But true love can happen anywhere, any time, for anyone. Dead, undead, or alive.
Hero: And it's ALWAYS worth fighting for!
Hero: Happy Hero's Heart Day the 13th, wherever you are, Jagger and Nastasia!

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