Before completing the 'What Happened to Baldric?' quest:

Monster-Hunting Beastmaster
You must speak to Lord Brentan in order to be of help to us.

After completing the 'What Happened to Baldric?' quest:

C-3 Metalhead Bard, Lead Singer of Dragonfarce
Frankly, I'm surprised there aren't more bards out here. Just think - this is shaping up to be the greatest story ever told! Heroes from all over Lore, joining together to save it from utter annihilation! Fighting against the forces of darkness, invading from the Plane of Monsters! Could anything be more metal?

My last stop was at Crownsreach… have you been? Drakath, the former Champion of Chaos, calls it his new capital city. Capital of what, I don't know. But mark my words, he is filled with more rage than 20 dragons stoked with blisterweed. His vendetta against the Queen will be a Saga for the ages, and *I* mean to write it!

- Torque's Quests
- Rift Potions and Rations

Location: The Rift


Thanks to Harrison.

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