Top Secret!


Note: Galanoth appears with a prosthetic arm if the player has completed the Etherstorm Wastes saga.

«Scene: Ashfall Camp»

Galanoth: <Hero>, I trust I can count on you to be discreet.
Galanoth: I have a problem of a… delicate nature that I need your help with.

Hero: Sure, of course! What's going on?

Galanoth: As you know, we set up this camp to combat a growing dragon problem in this area.
Galanoth: I've told you about the Seven Deadly Dragons. Those are the ones you and I are here to fight.
Galanoth: But there are others, too. Smaller, lesser dragons, that other members of the Order are handling.

Hero: Right.

Galanoth: Well, Gibbs has reported to me that several of the dragons he's gone after have already been slain.

Hero: I guess someone else got to them first. Why does that matter?

Galanoth: Because their treasure hoards had been stolen.
Galanoth: That treasure rightfully belongs to the villages it was stolen from! It isn't ours to take.
Galanoth: We all have our own reasons for becoming Dragonslayers…
Galanoth: But what brings us together is a single-focused, selfless passion. A righteous desire to protect.
Galanoth: The thought that some rogue Dragonslayer is using our cause to line his own pockets…
Galanoth: Not only does it go against everything we stand for, it sullies our Order's good name.
Galanoth: If it got out that some of us were stealing from the very people we protect…

Hero: I can see why you'd want to keep it quiet.
Hero: Don't worry. I"ll help you get to the bottom of this.

Galanoth: We should start by taking a close look at the dragon caves that got hit.
Galanoth: We'll start at Aeryck Wood - it appears to be the scene of the most recent crime.

«Hero holds up a Magnifying Glass»

Hero: You got it, Galanoth!
Hero: If they've left any clues behind, I'll find em!

«Scene fades»

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