Too Weird And Too Dead


«Scene: Mogdring the Harvester in a room of captured moglins»

Mogdring the Harvester: I don't know what you did, or how you did it - but you will both pay!

Mort: Whoa, whoa, whoa. This ain't OUR fault!

«The Hero and Scourge reach the room»

Hero: Looks like we found Twilly - but he's not the only one being held captive up here!

Scourge: Once he leaves, we'll go in and get them down.

Cupcake: We told you moglin magic was unpredictable!

Mogdring the Harvester: And yet I have harvested it without issue - until now.
Mogdring the Harvester: Am I to believe that is mere coincidence?

Mort: I guess my magic is just too DEAD for your ship to handle!

Cupcake: And mine is just too WEIRD.

Mort: And it fried your entire system! Bah hah! Serves you right.

Mogdring the Harvester: Laugh all you want.
Mogdring the Harvester: Because of YOU, I'm trapped in this dimension until my master, Grimgard, can come for me.
Mogdring the Harvester: And I can think of no better way to pass that time than by rending you limb from limb.

Cupcake: What?? NO! Not my cakestump!

«The Hero and Scourge confront Mogdring the Harvester»

Hero: I guess we're not waiting for him to leave.

Scourge: Hey, jerkface! Come fight somebody your own size!

Mogdring the Harvester: Ha, ha. Foolish moglin.
Mogdring the Harvester: You are MUCH smaller than I am.

Scourge: It's just an expression!

Mogdring the Harvester: An expression intended to intimidate me.

«Zoom in on Mogdring's face with four glowing red eyes»

Mogdring the Harvester: Your bravery is admirable.

«A mechanical moglin face appears»

Mogdring the Harvester: But it will not stop me from killing you.

«Scene fades»

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