Too Late (2)



«Scene: Hero and Blizzy looking at a child frozen in ice inside of a cage»

Blizzy: No… we're too late.

Hero: I don't think we are.
Hero: Ice Master Yeti said that Jalnar feeds on their life energy while he hibernates.
Hero: That has to mean they're still alive.

Jalnar: Yes. They're still alive.

«Jalnar looks at the Hero and Blizzy from behind a ice spike»

Jalnar: Most of them will stay alive for a few years, frozen in stasis, as I slowly drain their life.
Jalnar: It's a noble sacrifice. Their lives, freely given for mine.

Hero: Freely given?! You abducted them!

Jalnar: No! They chose to follow me here! Accepted my generous offer!
Jalnar: Didn't you, children? Do any of you want to leave?
Jalnar: No?

«Jalnar's eyes flash»

Jalnar: I didn't think so.

Blizzy: You creepy, nasty elf!
Blizzy: Blizzy's friend here is going to kick your butt!
Blizzy: Let's see you try to keep our kids from leaving, then!

Jalnar: Is that so?

Hero: Yeah, it is. We're not leaving without those kids.

Jalnar: Well, this sounds like fun!

«Close up of Jalnar»

Jalnar: Let's play.

«Scene fades»

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