Too Late (1)


«Scene: Karok stands next to the frozen Kezeroth»

Karok: For a year, I've waited.
Karok: As the solstice approached, I've felt my power getting stronger.
Karok: Felt my connection to you getting stronger.
Karok: And now… finally… the time has come to set you free!

«Karok does just that»

«Scene fades to white»

I… am awake?

«Scene: the Hero, Abel, and Syrrus are hiding behind some columns, spying on Karok and Kezeroth»

Abel: Oh, no…

Syrrus: We're too late! Our fate has been sealed.

Hero: No way! I'm not giving up that easily. You should know me better than that by now!
Hero: We can't just go running in there half-cocked. They'll wipe the floor with us.
Hero: But let's see where this goes. We'll just watch for now…
Hero: …and then we'll figure out our plan of attack.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Kezeroth and Karok»

Kezeroth: Has it truly been 26,000 years?
Kezeroth: I heard your voice while I slept. Was it you who freed me?
Kezeroth: But… how are you still alive after all this time?

Karok: It has only been 4 years, brother.

Kezeroth: What??

Karok: You're… angry?

Kezeroth: Why wouldn't I be angry? You have awakened me too soon!
Kezeroth: Quetzal's comet will not pass by again for nearly 26,000 years!
Kezeroth: I will die before it comes again. You have robbed me of my last chance to finish my work!

Karok: But… do you not remember? Quetzal is dead!
Karok: He was killed when you brought him down to Lore 4 years ago. That destiny has already been lost.
Karok: But if we join forces, we will be unstoppable! All of Lore will be ours! This is your new destiny!

Kezeroth: You think that if you convince me the beast has died, I will give up my work and help you.
Kezeroth: Do you think I can't see through your lies?

«Kezeroth attempts to attack Karok, who dodges the blow»

Karok: Your mind is fogged from being in stasis for so long.
Karok: Rest, and let your memories return.

Kezeroth: I am not so easily manipulated!
Kezeroth: Even if everything you say is true, I am the World-Ender!
Kezeroth: I have no desire to conquer Lore. My destiny is to destroy it!
Kezeroth: And I will kill you before I let you control me!

Karok: I had hoped to join with you, not control you.
Karok: But, if that's how this has to go, so be it.

«Karok's Frostspawn horde appears behind him»

Karok: I didn't come here unprepared.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Syrrus, and Abel»

Hero: I'm sorry, Athon. You sacrificed yourself to seal Kezeroth away …
Hero: …and only 4 years later, he's come back.
Hero: Whatever it takes, this time I'll make sure he's sealed away for good.

«Scene fades»

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