DragonFable DragonLord
Dragons are majestic creatures, soaring gracefully through the sky and wielding powerful magics. Everyone loves them for some reason, whether its slaying them or appreciating fighting beside them. I now have the Dragonlord Class in my shop but only for Dragonlords!

Add in Elemental Orbs, Chickencows, and a Mad Weaponsmith who specializes in making things VERY interesting, and you have a land where the only thing you can expect is the unpredictable!

Definitely unpredictable. Talking orbs, missing left socks and Chickencows abound!

DragonFable is a free RPG playable totally in your browser window! Play now at

Dragonlords are capable of talking on multiple opponents at the same time, but no harmless the might of dragon you'll need great Strength and Endurance and some Dexterity.

- Reserved Enh Shop - Fighter

- DragonLord Shop
- Defender Armor


Thanks to Burn, rickyb20, Tendou no Mazo and Zero IX.

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