Together at Last



«Hero defeats Oni»

Hero: Whoof! Let's… not do that again.

Fausto: Yes, let's not! Honestly, Lengjing! I can't believe you summoned a monster to come and ruin my parade!
Fausto: Psst…Silva…hurry up and erase that summoning circle.

Hero: ???

Great show!

«Lengjing bows»

Fausto: Yes! A great show! We did this on purpose! Thank you all!

Lengjing: You know… maybe next year we should. They really seem to love it!

Fausto: And I really love all this cheering!

Lengjing: Besides, that was fun. We work well together.

Fausto: I could not agree more.

Hero: Great idea! But maybe just… combine your parades. We can skip the monster-summoning.

Lengjing: Oh, come on. You know that was the best part.

Fausto: It really was.

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