MechaJouster Trainer
Hello, Adventurer! Did Big Bird catch your eye? This beauty can give your enemy a good, metallic taste they won’t forget anytime soon! Ya wanna learn how to tame and control one for yourself?

What is a MechaJouster?
Jousters are masters of battle as heavy cavalry, specializing in using lances. MechaJousters are the same, save for one extra attribute: They ride HUGE MECHANIC OSTRICHES!

How to get?
To become a MechaJouster, you’ll need to trade in 30 Treasure Potions inside /doom Merge Shop OR get the Jouster armor from the Wheel of Doom first and talk to Gerrick at /airstorm to be able to do his quest “Quest to Unlock Jouster Class”.

- Doom

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky
MechaJousters are powerful single combat riders that take the initiative and keep the momentum going throughout combat. Their first strike carries enough momentum to stun their opponent, and they apply a slew of defense reducing effects.

Location: Class Hall B


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