Toaudro (NPC)

Cryomancer Hero
Tuaudro is here, and eager to meet you in single combat. Much honor will be obtained.

In the beginning there was purity. Clarity. With the entrance of the human race, everything was fogged. No living being saw clearly to the hidden world around them. This ethereal realm was known as the Planum Aliud. The beings of this realm, known as the Alium, were distant, and had no physical, set form such as humans had. They used the power of their sentience to conjure their own forms, create anything they so desired.

And when every Alium put its power on one thing, one focus, a raw element was created. Mana. This mana is ethereal and iridescent. It shifts, moving at a higher frequency than what the average human is capable of seeing. But the Alium were not human. They saw worlds, civilizations, existences rise and fall; the fate of the universe.

Later, the humans would use this raw energy to channel the power of the Alium and perform extraordinary feats. But everything comes with a flaw. And the flaw of this unearthly creation was a being which erupted from the plane of Planum Aluid itself. This being was more than sentient. It was a prophet of mana, a mentor to humans; master of life.

This being had no set form, no set identity. The burden of being created as a flaw of something more than perfect was to rest with this creation. This creation was Toaudro.
Now Toaudro is here, and Toaudro will battle you. Are you prepared?

Location: Hero Lobby


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