To the Shinkansen!


«Scene: Kotaro and Hero»

Kotaro: Well, what do you know!
Kotaro: It looks like the Shinkansen is up and running!

Hero: The Shink-what-sen?

Kotaro: The bullet train!

Hero: You shoot trains in the future?! I have to see the weapon that does that!

Kotaro: No! We don't… Nevermind, I'll just show you.

«Kotaro's and Hero's stomachs»


Kotaro: Man, I'm hungry!
Hero: Man, I'm hungry!


Kotaro: We should-

Hero: Get food?

Kotaro: Definitely!
Hero: Definitely!

Kotaro: Lucky for us, there is a convenient store just up ahead on our way to the train station!

Hero: That is convenient! Lead the way!

Kotaro: …You know we just call it that right?…

«Scene fades»

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