To the Beginning


«Scene: Hero and Aranx in the Celestial Realm in front of a red-tinted portal and several fallen Infernals»

Hero: Aranx, I came as soon as I could.
Hero: What happened here? Is it another invasion?!

Aranx: It wasn't the Celestials that have done this.
Aranx: These Infernal have used the last of their strength to fall through this portal…
Aranx: And perish.

Hero: That doesn't make any sense!
Hero: Who, or what, could be doing this?

«The portal flickers»

Aranx: Another one comes…

«Lord Balax'el appears in front of the portal»
«Scene: Hero and Aranx»

Hero: Balax'el! How many times do I have to beat you?
Hero: Since the Queen is gone, you must be working for Malgor!
Hero: Looks like we can finish this once and for all!

Aranx: Speak, Infernal! Before we banish you from this hallowed ground!

«Balax'el collapses»

Hero: Wait, you too?

Lord Balax'el: I was a fool. I forgot my place.

Hero: What do you mean?

Lord Balax'el: She is coming. And you are not ready.

Aranx: Who do you speak of?

Lord Balax'el: You should know, Third Born. Ha, I almost feel sorry for you.

«Balax'el falls offscreen»

Hero: This isn't good.

«The portal inverts color and an alarm sounds»

Aranx: No…

«Scene: Hero and Aranx»

Hero: Aranx, what is happening?

Aranx: It can't be! Not already!

Hero: Aranx?!

Aranx: Arthelyn was supposed to be back before this happened!

«Hero points at Aranx»

Hero: Aranx, talk to me!

«Aranx looks at the Hero»

Aranx: <Hero>, there is no time! I apologize but I must send you into the past.

Hero: Why? And when?

Aranx: To the beginning. You will find the answers there.

Hero: Wait, you aren't coming?

Aranx: I cannot. But my past self will be there. I… He should be able to explain everything.

Hero: What am I looking for?

Aranx: You will know when you find it. Everything will make sense when you are done.

«A portal opens in the sky»

Aranx: May the Bright One shine upon you.

«Scene fades»

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