To The Airship


«Stratos in Skyguard ship»

Stratos: <Hero>! Here!

«Hero at high of Mount Doomskull, jumps to Skyguard ship»

Stratos: All cannons on Drakath!

Hero: Don't bother! He's coming to us!

«Drakath in Desolich, nearing Skyguard ship, jumps to the ship, makes Skyguards chaotic»

Drakath: Chaos will reign over this entire world! Everything you cherish will bow to me! I will crush their skulls under my boot.

«Sally at Shadowfall Castle»

Sally: You wanted more skulls? OK!

«Sally summons Vordred, Vordred jumps to the Skyguard ship, attacks Drakath, both fall, Drakath kills Vordred»

Drakath: You have NO IDEA how powerful I am!

«Drakath gets back to riding Desolich»

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