To Shoot or To Spare


«Scene: J6 and the Hero stand in the control room of the Hyperium»

J6: You came back just in time. We are almost there—-

«Screen shakes»

«The Baron stands in front of a hole in the hull of the Hyperium»

Baron: J6! There is NO place to hide now!

«J6 raises his guns»


Baron: The time has come! Give up now, or meet your untimely demise, bounty hunter!

J6: HAL! Turrets!

«Nothing happens»

J6: ???

Baron: Drop your weapons!

Hero: Yeeeaaah! Drop your guns, you coward!

«J6 lays his weapons on the ground»

«Question marks appear over the Hero's head. They pick up the guns from the ground»

Baron: Shoot the coward! Shoot J6 in his helmet! End it all!

«The Hero looks from side to side»

Hero: J6 has already given up. There is no need for—-

Baron: Shoot J6! Shoot him now!

Hero: There is no need, Baron. J6 has already admitted defeat.

Baron: Shoot him!

Hero: Why are you so vengeful, Baron? Why do you want J6 taken down so badly?

Baron: No time for questions! Shoot shoot SHOOT!

«The Hero lowers the guns»

Baron: Listen: if you shoot J6 now, I will give you the ship and all the weapons onboard.

Hero: And what would you give me if I spared your life, J6?

J6: A peanut.

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