To Infinity and Beyond


«Scene: Hero pokes Kathool's tentacle»

Kathool: Await… my… return --
Kathool: …Chosen One. We shall meet again.

«Kathool slithers away. The Hero swims back to the surface, where the sky suddenly changes to night»

Hero: ?!

«The moon glows bright, and its light fills the entire screen. When the light clears, the Hero and Golem Warlic are standing in the void of time and space»

Hero: … That was unexpected.
Hero: Stars and time tend to follow a fixed course in my experience.

Warlic (Golem): Not when the Chronomancer has succumbed to Chaos. He waits for you at the centre of the Metafold.
Warlic (Golem): There is one more thing you need to know before he goes.

«Scene fades»

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