To Brightfall


«Scene: Science Shoppe in Battleoff»

Cysero: There. The machine should now start to detect any inverse wave signatures.

Warlic: Yo dawg, that's really weird.

Cysero: It is indeed strange.

Mirror Drakath: I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Can you explain?

Cysero: We expected to see several items with weak wave signatures.
Cysero: The idea is that we would gather them all and increase their power to match <hero>'s output.

Hero: Sounds reasonable.

Warlic: Ya but, what's weird is that there are, like, NO wave thingers anywhere on Lore.

Cysero: There is only a single impossibly weak signal coming from Brightfall.

Hero: Brightfall?

Mirror Drakath: It's the city where Gravelyn the Good rules and controls her Lightscythe Army.

Hero: This should be interesting…

«Scene change to Brightfall»

«Scene fades»

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