Before completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Horc War Chief
Free and Strong, stranger. What you want?

Tlax will speak. Ask question.

War Chief?
Horcs good warriors. Never quit. Never surrender. Never bow. Never break. All Horcs learn to fight. Learn to win and learn to lose. Know to learn from lose to become STRONGER! Horcs need always be ready for battle. Tlax am strongest, fastest Horc of tribe. Me teach all others to become better. Horc axes stay sharp… then Horcs stay sharp.

Trolls can fight good. Fast, smart, use magic. Much to learn from Troll fights. Good foes, but no match for Horcs. That why they use us for soldiers and guards when we serve them. Trolls fear Horc strength as much as fear Horc freedom.

- Tlax's Quests

After completing She Who Answers' Quests:

Horc War Chief
You show much skill in battle. Teach Tlax a thing or two, and lifting mountain is usually easier than that! Hah! We fight against Chaos again together one day. This promise.

- Tlax's Quests

Location: Bloodtusk Ravine

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