Titans of Lore


«Hero defeats Cinderclaw»

Shushan: <Hero>, GO! I'll make sure this beast NEVER rises again.

Hero: The tracker is hot… the rest of the Kyron's people must be close by!

«Hero dwells deeper into the caverns and finds Tyndarius with Kyron's people»

Hero: Tyndarius! These people are free to go. They're under MY protection now.
Hero: Bring the rest to me, or I'll go in and TAKE them!

Tyndarius: I'd enjoy watching that. But you're too late.
Tyndarius: The others are gone - they are one with the Phedra now.
Tyndarius: It was glorious; the first of the Queen's titans to wake, and rise, and feed.

Hero: And the first I will have to slay, if need be.

Tyndarius: … You don't know what they are, do you?
Tyndarius: The titans are not mere creatures. They ARE Lore. They are its bones and blood and breath.
Tyndarius: You cannot destroy them without shattering the world itself. Tyndarius: But these mewling meatsacks… THEY are a different story.
Tyndarius: You want to save them? Fine. They would have been poor entertainment.
Tyndarius: Weak, pathetic. Even IF one survived - which I doubt - they would not have served well.
Tyndarius: Your freedom for theirs, <Hero>. You agree to face the Forge, they walk out of here.

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